How a jewelry designer launched her own store using WordPress

Project goals

The client's focus was to build a website to organize and share her original jewelry, without being bogged down in the technical details. Our design of her online store has given her an easy-to-use interface for uploading products and a great user experience for her customers.

On the homepage, we chose a simple portfolio style, with large product images, clear pricing, and links to each category.

Simple interface for uploading products

Gaile wanted an easy process to enter products and learn to use her store.  We customized her product editing page, removing modules that she would not use and adding custom fields (like “Bead Color” and “Metal tone”) so that she would know exactly where to enter product details.



Pinterest-style shop layout

On the front end, we created a masonry/mosaic layout that allows the jewelry to shine. The prices are visible, but muted. To help customers see product details without leaving the main shop, we put her product descriptions in a pop-up window, along with an easy "Add to Cart" button.

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